Presses, Dryers, Flashes, DTG and Parts


Manual Presses

Kruzer Manual Press

Sidewinder Manaul Press

Chameleon Manual Press

Abacus II Numbering Press

Automatic Presses

Diamondback L, C, S, & XL Automatic Press

Sportsman EX Automatic Press

Sportsman EXG Automatic Press

Sportsman DPE Automatic Press

Challenger III Automatic Press

Challenger III D Automatic Press

Gauntlet III Automatic Press

Stryker Automatic Oval Press

Encore Automatic Press

Alpha 8 Oval Automatic Press

Conveyor Dryers

Transformer & Blu-Flash Curing System

Economax Electric Conveyor Dryer

Fusion Electric Conveyor Dryer

Radicure D Electric Conveyor Dryer

Heat Wave Gas Conveyor Dryer

Sprint Series Gas Conveyor Dryers

Sprint 3000 Gas Conveyor Dryer

Sprint 3000T Gas 3 level Conveyor Dryer

Flash Cure Units

Blue-Flash Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Acoma Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Habanero & Habanero AF Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Reno HW Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Serrano Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Tabasco HW Infrared Flash Cure Unit

Cayenne D Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Red Chili Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Red Chili D Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Tacana D Quartz Flash Cure Unit

Direct To Garment Printer

M-Link Direct to Garment Digital Printer

I-Prep Pre Treat for Direct to Garment Printer