Monarch Inks – Apocalypse LB Stock Colors (Plastisol)

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Lemon Yellow, Rich Yellow, Gold Yellow, Orange, Athletic Orange, Academy Orange, Vivid Red, Scarlet Red, Bold Red, Cardinal Red, Maroon, Pure Pink, Lilac, Violet, Magenta, Dark Purple, Ultra Marine, Navy Blue, Light Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Moon Blue, Columbia Blue, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Caribbean Blue, Aqua Blue, Jungle Green, Light Green, Forest Green, Pine Green, Dark Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Khaki, Vegas Gold, Dolphin Grey, Shark Grey, Bora Bora Sand, PMS1235 Red, University Yellow PMS 7406, Light Royal Blue, Turqoise Blue, OS 4515C Vegas Gold, OS Lime Green, OS Light Gold, OS True Red, OS Royal Blue OS Silver Grey, Custom Sand, Silver, Gold, Griffindor Scarlet